XTreme Power HSC 13000

XTreme Power HSC 13000 from Daimer Industries, Inc.

Company Profile
This robust, versatile machine system is actually several machines in one:

1. Powerful Commercial Multi-Surface Portable 1500 PSI Hard Surface Spinner Cleaning Machine. Fully Adjustable from 0-1500 PSI. Add an Optional 19" Spinner for Larger Area Cleaning.

2. Commercial Carpet Cleaner Extractor. Fully adjustable from 0-500 PSI suggested. Carpet Wand Optional.

3. Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Machine. Fully adjustable from 0-500 PSI suggested. Upholstery Wand Optional.

4. Commercial Pressure Washer. Fully adjustable up to 1500 PSI, up to 2.2 GPM. Pressure Washer Wand Optional.

5. Commercial Wall Cleaning System. Fully adjustable up to 1500 PSI. Squeegee Wand or 9" Spinner for Placement in Hands.

The XTreme Power ® HSC 13000 comes with our powerful HSC 950 9" motorized spinner head as well as a 12" squeegee wand with four internal jets.

The XTreme Power ® HSC 13000 Commercial High Speed Hard Surface Cleaning Machine is a versatile and powerful floor cleaner machine able to tackle multiple applications, like tile and grout cleaning, marble cleaning, stone cleaning; removing and stripping wax buildup on VCT and vinyl flooring; cleaning rubber floors and other even and uneven hard surfaces that cannot be cleaned in the same way as Daimer's hard surface cleaning machine technology.

The blades on the Patented, motorized 9" spinner head rotate at 1000 rpm while firing water onto the surface at 1500 psi allowing for tremendous cleaning power. Continuous extraction means that runoff is eliminated and that dirt, grim, and grease are not redistributed but powered off surfaces and collected in the extraction chamber for disposal. Any other spinning systems on the market lack the cleaning power only our motorized head can achieve.
The 9" spinning head can be removed from the wand and applied to walls for advanced wall cleaning in restrooms and others. The wand can even be adjusted and pulled down towards the floor so the user can clean under tables, counters, and even equipment that is normally virtually impossible to clean and degrease; restaurants, food service facilities, and others can help remove the residue and buildup that can create nuisance insects and rodents, the appearance of which can lead to Health Department warnings, demerits, fines, and worse.

The applications are virtually unlimited.


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